Bunny Cam

Lily & 6 babies, born 21 May 14

Here is a live webcam of our current Curious Bunnies. They are foster rabbits looking for their forever home. Hope you enjoy their antics. Note that I clean up every night, but they are babies & are not litter box trained, so you might see a mess. Also, I don't pay for a "static IP", so if it's off line, I'll probably have it fixed by the next day. In that case, you'll have the "refresh" this page to get it to work again.

Answer "yes" if your browser asks to install Active-X or LinksysViewer. If it doesn't work with Chrome, try Firefox or Internet Explorer. Your security software may block the video. On a cell phone, you might have to click on "Home" & then "View Video".

Hours: 10 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday

Might be on during other hours also

>>> Click for Live Webcam <<<