Donating to Curious Bunny
Foster Rabbits

Thank you for making a donation for the care of Curious Bunny Foster Rabbits. It will help to keep the tummies of the bunnies full. For more info about your donation, see Donation Details below. Even a two dollar donation would help, but a larger donation would be even more appreciated.

One Time Donation

In order to make a donation, please Contact Us. We will send you our US Mailing address so you can send us a check. Thank you so much for considering a donation.

Donation Details

Here at Curious Bunny we care for rabbits who have lost their homes. But they are safe now in Foster Care, while they are waiting to be adopted. We & organizations we work with find Forever Homes for hundreds of bunnies a year. Donation money does not go to the humans, since we are volunteers. The only payment we get is being able to snuggle with the bunnies, & knowing we have made a difference in the life of the bunny.

But the bunnies, they eat (munch!), which takes money. We would really appreciate it if you would make a donation to help care for our Foster Bunnies. All the donated money goes directly to food & equipment for the bunnies. While the information we have on this website is of course free of charge, a donation to help the bunnies would be greatly appreciated.