Bunny Box, Toys, etc.

How to easily build a Bunny Box, Toys, etc. out of cardboard.

Since we're involved in foster care, we like to send the bunny's toys with the bunny when it's adopted. Since these toys described here are cheap to make, that helps control our expenses. To get detailed instructions on how to build an item, click on the picture. You will get a PDF file with info on how to build the item. The file shows how to scale the project, depending on the size of the rabbit, from 2 pounds to 14 pounds.

While our focus is on rabbits, these toys can be used for many types of animals, e.g., kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, etc

Rabbits like to have a Bunny Box to hide in. This box makes them feel secure, but they can still be viewed easily. Get Bunny Box Plans (PDF).

The A-Frame is the easiest to make. The bunnies like to get inside & pull the sheet in. Get A_Frame Plans (PDF).

Rabbits like to run through & hide in the Triangular Tube. Get Triangluar Tube Plans (PDF).

With its three openings, the Play Tower is very popular. Get Play Tower Plans (PDF).