We have developed a few spreadsheets that are handy to use when caring for rabbits. Once you download the spreadsheet (Excel), you can then use it on your own computer. Detailed instructions are given describing how to use each the spreadsheet.

While our focus is on rabbits, these spreadsheets are useful for those who care for any type of animal, e.g., kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, etc.

Weight Spreadsheet

Get Weight Spreadsheet here. Records the daily weights of baby rabbits. Grams are converted to ounces & also to pounds. Values can be plotted.

We do foster care for rabbits who are waiting to find their adoptive home. We hightly encourage everyone to spay/neuter their pet rabbits. There are too many bunnies looking for homes. We, of course, do not breed rabbits, but we often have litters dropped off at the shelters who need our care. That is when we use the Weight Spreadsheet.

Medicine Spreadsheet

Get Medicine Spreadsheet here. Calculates medicine dosage, given the weight of the rabbit. Creates chart with all doses required for the duration of the treatment.