Bunny Videos

For your viewing pleasure, here are some selected videos of our Curious Bunny Rabbits (more to come).

Baby Bunny Having Fun With a Slinky -- Who would have thought bunnies like Slinkies? This video is pretty funny.

Mommy Rabbit Nursing 5 Babies -- If you've never seen a mother rabbit nursing her babies, be sure to watch this. The mom seems agitated, but that's normal. They generally nurse once a day for 5 minutes & the babies know this so they are very determined to get their share. There's a lot of flailing going on.

Bunnies Running on Couch -- Simple but energetic.

Bunnies Eating Broom -- Just a cute short video about bunnies attracted to a broom.

Bunnies Love Cheerios (Box) -- They just can't resist exploring a dark, enclosed space.

Note: If you are a glutton for punishment, you can see ALL of the videos we have on the web. Start by clicking on one of the videos above. Once you are on the YouTube website, on the right column, under the first box, click on More From: curiousbunny9.